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Founded in 2010 by Gene Yoon, president of FILA, the FILA Foundation Museum aims to protect and showcase the values and history of the brand, from its origins in Biella, Italy to international fame in sports clothing and footwear. We are committed to promoting business culture, with a particular focus on fashion and the history of industry. Since 2014 we have been a member of Museimpresa, the Italian Association of Business Archives and Museums, with which we share the same principles and values.

Our mission is to nurture the values that the FILA brand was founded on, and help make it grow. Corporate culture is a fundamental part of our DNA: we believe that understanding the values on which a company is founded is essential to its future development. Through our activities, we aim to preserve and promote FILA’s corporate culture, allowing the public to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of a brand that has left an important mark on the sports and fashion industries.

The foundation’s strength lies in its dual function as an archive and museum. We know the importance of accurately preserving FILA’s history, but we are also careful to ensure that this history is accessible to a wide and diverse audience. In the digital age, we are opening a new chapter to make our archives and collections available to everyone in innovative ways.

Through cutting-edge technologies, we are creating immersive experiences that offer the chance to explore our content in an entirely new light. By integrating conversational tools, the experience becomes interactive, allowing audiences to dynamically immerse themselves in FILA’s history and heritage through intelligent and engaging conversation.

This new digital chapter allows us to reach a wider audience and preserve FILA’s legacy for future generations. At the same time, We are committed to research, preservation and the promotion of FILA corporate culture, ensuring our history remains forever alive and inspiring.

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Our Chairman

Our Chairman Gene Yoon, President of FILA. His words:

“I love FILA. I have always loved it.

I still remember the excitement when we met for the first time, back in the Eighties.

This sports brand was officially founded only a few years earlier, but its origin dates back to an ancient past, full of history, and tradition and with a valuable background. To me, it represented true Italian style, originating from the culture that gave birth to the Renaissance, and this is what gives “Made in Italy” its unique and unparalleled charm. I immediately understood FILA’s enormous potential.”

Gene Yoon. Fondazione FILA Museum Chairman

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