Achieve the Archive

Donate a vintage FILA item to our archive and receive a gift!

ACHIEVE THE ARCHIVE is a project by Fondazione FILA Museum, conceived to expand our historic archive and make our institution be known by a wider audience.

Rules and guidelines

  1. The clothes, the shoes, or the accessories must bear the original FILA logo, be in good conservation conditions and present the internal FILA label;
  2. The FILA item must be related to a period antecedent to 2010;
  3. Collaborations between FILA and other fashion brands will be considered as well;
  4. For each FILA product accepted as a donation, Fondazione FILA Museum will give a gift in return;
  5. To participate, you can send a picture of the FILA cloth, shoes, or accessory to, indicating proper information (e. g. year of realization, conservation condition details, size…). The subject line of the e-mail will have to be: Achieve the Archive;
  6. The Foundation will communicate the possible acceptance of the donation within 5 working days from the date.

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