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14 October 2022

1st episode

Bears, tennis balls and the pouring rain

My name is Marina – they named me Marina because I was born by the sea.
Water has haunted me since the day I was born: if there’s a pool I will fall in it, trust me, or a car will ride there and make me wet like that scene from the Bridget Jones movie.
Water is haunting me even right now, because while you’re reading this story at home, warm, I am here attending a PE lesson out in the rain: today our professor has decided that we had to exercise outdoor, no matter how bad the weather can be.
‘Mister professor, the weather is bad, why don’t we exercise inside the gym?’
‘Marina, don’t be lazy! A couple of raindrops never hurt anybody, especially you, young people: come on, follow me!’
My fellow mates start running behind him, without caring about the storm coming…however, I’m out of this!
I open the big FILA umbrella I use everytime the rain comes down, and everytime I need protection from the world. The black and red fabric is a shield, and the raindrops get away from me. A few steps and I’ll back inside school, I don’t care if I’ll be scolded. The important thing is that I avoided sweat and strain.
‘Well, madam, this is what you think!’
As I close my umbrella and shake off my wet clothes, my eyes witness the most incredible show they’re ever seen.
The school gym is empty, lit up by big, flashy neon lights. The court and the bleachers are invaded my thousands of bouncing tennis balls: everytime they reach the ground a dull sound spreads in the surrounding space, and everytime they bounce they hit the roof almost trying to tear it down.
Where am I?
‘I hope you don’t really want to know it all, madame. In case, I don’t have the answers: I’m late!’
A big white bear is standing on a yellow ball, and talks right to me. I shake the umbrella on my head, maybe it’s just a dream, maybe I’m still in bed.
‘Oh no, it’s not a dream! And I am even more late!’
‘Excuse me, um…who are you?’
‘It doesn’t matter You’d rather listen to me, time is never enough!’
Me speaking to a bear, I can’t believe it.
‘Your journey is starting here, Marina! You think that acting lazy will protect you from the damage in the world out there, but what is going to happen when no FILA umbrella is there to hide you?’
I try to reply, but the tennis balls keep bouncing in front of me, confusing me.
‘Well, I guess it’s time to find it out. Goodbye Marina, enjoy your trip!’
One swing of his tale and I am wiped away. I hold my umbrella while I fly away – where there’s no sound and no light.


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Born in Biella in the foothills of the ltalian Alps, WONNIE is a ski-loving white bear. Because he is from the snow­covered Alps, he is vulnerable to hot weather, and despite his size he has timid personality so he is always blushing. WONNIE is a gentle bear with heart of gold who easily find faults with himself even with small things but never blames others.

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