Our column devoted to the practices that keep our archive alive is back. This month it’s about sneakers and the techniques we invented to preserve them.

22 January 2022

“Hi! I’m not here right now, but my shoes are, so leave them a message.” Carrie Bradshaw , the epic Sex & The City character performed by Sarah Jessica Parker, has never denied her affection for shoes in any episode of the famous TV series. It’s a passion we share : who already discovered our museum knows that a specific moment of the visit is devoted to FILA sneakers.

In order to guarantee their longevity, giving our sneakers continuous attentions and specific conservation treatments is necessary. For these reasons an entire room of our archive, in case, turns into a real restoration laboratory.

Cleanser treatment

A shoe is naturally affected by time passing by. In order to make it last the more we can, it is first treated with a cleanser, then placed in a low temperature area, for a time that changes according to the single cases, taking advantage of the ability of cold in blocking the decay process. After a check, a second refrigeration round is assessed, and then we’re ready for the restoration interventions pictured in this article.

Silicone spray treatment

A little silicon spray and the dry shoe is finally vacuum-sealed , in order to avoid the presence of air, which is bad for osmosis. Together with an identifying card , everything is ready for the archive. At this point, however, we have a question: do you think Carrie does the same to her beloved heels?



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