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There’s a label inside every cloth, telling different stories. This month our Blog event devoted to the FILA fabrics and the productive secrets behind them explores the universe of synthetic fibers, focusing on something we can in all our winter looks.

16 October 2021

It often happens that objects of daily use are so familiar that we can’t even imagine the stories behind them. In the case of a fiber such as pile, keeping us warm in winter with jumpers and blankets, it’s about something which is related to FILA history also.

Its origins are quite recent: in 1979 American company Malden Mills developed a polyester fiber characterized by a phase of combing – commonly known as fleece – thanks to which we get a final effect of softness. Malinda Chouinard (wife of Ivan, founder of Patagonia), at those times in search of a light, warm, transpiring material, was the first to get to know and patent it. The official denomination of the patent, Polartecâ, spread in Italy with the name of pile.

Its technical features make it similar to wool, especially for its softness and ability in keeping warmth. As further benefits, it is light, lasting and easy to wash in the washing machine.

Also, talking about pile means to talk about sustainability, because such synthetic material comes from the PET polymer plastic is made of: researches have pointed out that few bottles (about 18) endorse the making of a pullover, limiting the use of petrol and the diffusion of toxic gas.

What about fashion? Since the Eighties pile has been featured in sporty looks, characterizing disciplines such as ski, alpinism, climbing, cycling and running. All the features we have enumerated also make it perfect to keep everyday life warm, through pajamas, blankets, berets and slippers. In the FILA tradition pile is protagonist of a curious fact: as Pierluigi Rolando himselff wrote (also in the imaginary diary we dedicated to him, MEET THE DESIGNER), at the end of the 80s Patagonia officially recognized its debt towards FILA in patenting the new fiber by releasing a statement praising the influence of a 100% wool, brushed on both sides pullover. The history of the brand is filled with pile details: from the SNOW TIME garments to the FISI jackets and the paddings of numerous shoes, FILA’s collections are plenty of warm details, expressing a natural sense of cure for its athletes.


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