Capitale Italia: The 19th business culture week

12 November 2020

Tradition is to keep the fire alive, not worhipping ashes
Czech composer Gustav Mahler said once. That’s it: in the year of the health emergency that led us to reexamine the concept of physical event, cultural and business institutions cannot focus too much on what you can’t do. The real challenge is to keep that fire alive by walking on alternative path.

Starting from this point Confindustria, with the support of Museimpresa, has launched the 19th Business Culture Week (November 5 – 22), a rich programme of over 130 online talks, guided tours and discussions. The title of this edition is ‘CAPITALE ITALIA. La cultura imprenditoriale per la rinascita del Paese’, a reflection on the role of both enterprise and entrepreneur, seen as creators of richness, welfare and social bond.

Fondazione FILA Museum, as a passionate guardian of heritage safeguard and technological challenges, takes part in the event with a tight schedule – also in collaboration with other institutions:

  • On November 10 and 17, 2.30 pm, we’re looking forward to having you on Facebbok with Ciccio Graziani, the ‘GuardiaFILA’ who has been discussing the evolutions of the football championship. Ironic and straightforward, Ciccio has been involved in charity events related to sport for years and right this commitment led our foundation to nominate him as our ambassador;
  • On November 25, 10am, browse for the premiere of Maestri d’acqua (‘Water Masters’), the video promoting our local touristic proposal in collaboration with Casa Zegna and MeBO – Menabrea Botalla Museum. Aware of the current restrictions on tourism and transports, we created an emotional tour that, inspired by the evoking power of water, will let you discover the highlight of the Biellese territory (and our archival documents as well);
  • On November 16 it’s ‘Creativi in FILA’ time! Don’t miss our Facebook live streaming, scheduled at 2pm: Turinese artist Sabrina Rocca, President of our jury, will announce the three winning works of our artistic contest, along with the Honorable Mentione dedicated to the memory of designer Pierluigi Rolando;
  • November 18 is going to be a special day: at 6pm – once again on our official website – we will launch our Virtual Room, a digital extension of the Foundation’s museum. In this year, deeply marked by discussions on physical spaces, we decided to create an alternative, untouchable space, aimed to enhance emerging talents and special project, able to reinterpret the Brand in a contemporary way;
  • Our Business Culture Week ends on November 19, Thursday, 4pm, with ‘Creative People and Business Culture: The Talk’: the Facebook live event will let us know about the winners of our contest. They are the protagonists of our artistic, cultural, business future. We’re gonna hear about them – next time not with a distance, not divided by screens. Trust us.

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